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With the assembly out on, we can now swap the springs. This step is much easier if you have an another person helping you.

The gear selector is under spring pressure so start by holding it back with your hand then using your 12mm boxed end wrench to remove the M8 bolt as illustrated in Fig 10A.

Once the bolt is out, carefully slide the gear selector off, making sure to keep all the parts in order.

With the selector off you can now swap the large and small springs with the ones provided in the kit.

IMPORTANT: make sure not to lose the washer shown with red arrow touching the smaller spring in Fig 10B as it must go back on where it was after swapping the springs for proper operation of the transmission gear selector.

Now that the new springs are installed, slide the gear selector back on making sure it is on the same way it was when it came off. If you happen to get the pieces out of order, the order they go in is displayed in Fig 10C.