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Run the connector under the car. You can use one of the small holes already located in your chassis or if you can not find one you can drill a small hole on the top of the tunnel under the radio location. Drop the connector through the floor and plug it into your Oxygen sensor.

The below information is useful information for making sure you have the correct sensor.

One of, if not the most important sensors on the K series motor is the A/F ratio sensor. This sensor is located in the factory exhaust down pipe, closest to the motor. This is often called the “primary o2 sensor” or “wideband o2 sensor.”

You MUST have this sensor connected properly for the engine to run correctly. Without it, you will have a CEL and will suffer from sluggish performance and terrible fuel economy. There are exceptions to this, like having the car tuned in open loop or running an aftermarket WB (innovative, AEM ect) sensor installed into the harness.

*Note: Some chassis may have a hole in the floor pan of the car that the AFR sensor connector can go through. If your chassis does not have this, you can drill a hole in the floor to run the harness to the sensor in the exhaust.

The ONLY OEM style AFR sensors that are applicable are:  2002-2004 RSX Type R: OEM Part Number 36531-PRB-A01- Replacement Denso Part Number 13680  2001-2006 Integra Type R (JDM)

Sensors that ARE NOT compatible for Primary application are:  2005-2006 RSX Type S  2002-2006 RSX BASE  2003-2005 Civic Si (EP3, & UK CTR)  2006+ Civic Si  Any K24 sensor  Secondary Sensors

International user notes: The European Civic Type R K20A engines use a narrowband o2 sensor and is NOT compatible with this conversion harness.