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Position 1 represents the longest throw and side/side spacing.

Position 2 represents the shortest throw and side/side spacing.

Adjust the shifter to your liking, they can be adjusted independently of each other.

You can raise and lower the shift rod by loosening the 5mm allen bolt on the offset. There is a retaining clip on the rod, this is the LOWEST setting for the rod. It should not be removed or lowered past that, or the rod could interfere with the moving assembly.

Loosen the offset bolt to rotate the entire offset and rod assembly. Be sure to check clearances with your shift boot and console.

The internal spring can be changed. We ship each shifter with the hard spring, however you can remove the four mounting bolts and lift the entire assembly upwards. Remove the spring and insert the new one, then reinstall the assembly on the base. Tighten all screws.