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[* black] Radiator Fan Control Setup Now that you have made the necessary changes to the ECU to allow the car to start, you can now edit the fan (if you choose to do so.)
[* black] *This step IS NOT NECESSARY* If you have your fan wired to a switch, or if you are using the OEM fan switch, disregard this step! This is only for those wishing to allow KPRO to turn the fan on by a set temperature.
[* black] 1) Locate and click the Protection tab. 2) Under the Overheating Protection heading, you may edit the temperature at which the cooling fan will turn on. The factory setting is 204*f, if you are running an OEM, or half size radiator, setting the temperature lower to around 185*f may help cool the car better.
[* black] Step 4: Uploading changes to the ECU 1) Once you are finished editing the ECU settings, you are now ready to upload the changes to the ECU. 2) Locate the UPLOAD button, located near the top left corner of the screen.
[* black] 3) Click the UP arrow and the changes will be reflashed to the ECU. **It is important to note that the fuel pump will turn on when the changes are uploaded. Once the upload is finished, it will prime again. If you do not hear the fuel pump turn on when you upload changes, please check the fuel pump control wires on the conversion harness.
[* black] Step 5: Data logging & Error codes 1) The K Manager software can data log and display sensors in real time. 2) To datalog, find the and click the LIGHTNING BOLT button near the top left hand corner of the screen. 3) Once you click the datalog button, you will be notified if there are any errors with the system.
[* black] 4) Find and click the ERROR CODES tab near the top right of the window. If you have any error codes a small box will pop up.