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[* black] This section will help you properly set up your Hondata KPRO to crank your car. While there are thousands of things the KPRO can do, we are going to briefly outline the few necessary steps to get your car up and running.
[* black] The Hondata K-manager software is only compatible with Windows based operating systems. Windows XP, Vista and Windows7 are all compatible with the K-manager software. You will need to have the ECU installed in the car, the conversion harness MUST be fully installed, and you must be connected to the ECU via USB in order to continue.
[* black] Step 1. Installing and connecting to the ECU. At this point, the conversion harness should be completely installed. The battery should be installed and the car should turn on under its own power. Check all fuses and connections before plugging in the ECU then continue.
[* black]  Open the K manager software on your Windows based PC.  The bottom corner of the screen will say, “OFF LINE.”  Connect to the ECU via the supplied USB cord.  Once the ECU and PC are connected, the bottom left hand corner of the screen should read “ON LINE, IGNITION OFF.”
[* black]  If it does not rear online ignition on, please update your USB driver, change USB port, change PC or use a different USB cord. Step 2. Opening a calibration  Turn the ignition to the ON position and check for connectivity at the bottom left hand corner of the K manager software.
[* black]  Once the ECU is connected to the PC, click on new calibration at the top left hand corner of the screen.  What engine setup you have will determine what map you upload at this point. For the purpose of this guide, we will upload a stock calibration to a vehicle equipped with a K20A2 swap.
[* black]  Once you have selected the proper map, click the OK button and the box will disappear. Step 3. Making changes to a calibration  Once a calibration has been opened, you can now edit the values and settings. Since we are focused on uploading a stock calibration, we will not cover the steps on how to tune the car.
[* black] 1) Find and click the PARAMETERS tab at the top of the screen. 2) Locate and click the MISC tab. 3) Disable the Immobilizer 4) Disable Emissions error checking (this turns off the secondary o2 sensor, and other unnecessary sensors) 5) Disable the Multiplexer