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Engine Harness Selection

Below is a list of engine harnesses that are COMPATIABLE with the HR conversion harness:

  • K20A (JDM 01-05 DC5 Type R) - This engine wiring harness is made for RHD cars and is shorter than the LHD versions. Depending on how it is routed, It may be necessary to extend the end of the harness so that it reaches into the cabin. It also does NOT have an oil pressure switch connector.
  • K20A2 ( USDM 02-04 DC5 Type S) - This is the most commonly used engine wiring harness. It is the best length and works with both a 5spd and 6spd transmissions.
  • K20A3 (USDM 02-05 EP3 & 02-04 DC5 Base *5spd only) - This engine wiring harnesses is for 5spd transmissions and will NOT have the connector for the reverse lock out solenoid on the transmission. This is not necessary but if you want to have this function you will need a 6peed engine harness and ECU.

These engine harnesses ARE NOT compatible with this conversion harness:

  • K20Z1 (USDM 05-06 DC5 Type S) - This harness does NOT support the 05-06 RSX KPRO.
  • K20Z3 (USDM 06+ FG Civic Si) - Has Drive-By-Wire and different ECU connectors.
  • Any K24 harness - (any year, 5spd or auto)

If you have a harnesses that is not compatible, please obtain one of the compatible en-gine harnesses before continuing with the installation. If you connect this conversion harness to the wrong engine harness, you can damage the ECU, engine sensors and any wiring *This is VERY important* if you are unsure email us at with a picture of your parts and we will help you figure it out.

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